Did Yahweh Create Biodiversity?

Because creatures are so badly designed, we know the designer had an IQ (Intelligence Quotient) less than 1. For example, humans have a spine suitable for a quadruped, human eyes attach the nerves on the wrong side, giraffes have a neck vein that takes a huge unnecessary detour. Yahweh is reputedly much brighter. This is like saying Stradivarius created some pink plastic violins sold at Walmart. This is clearly not his work.

Evolution and natural selection have an IQ less than 1. They use a mindless way to create new creatures. What we see is what you would expect from such a try-all-possibilities, no-foresight, pedestrian design method.

There may be a god, but it did not need to have anything to do with the variety of life on earth. It happens all by itself given a few billion years.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)