Unsolved Problems

Christians like to taunt non-believers by demanding they explain in terms comprehensible to a first grader how did the universe start or how did life start. When the Christians cannot understand the answers, they dance about claiming they have proved all science is impotent, and we must believe in their bronze age deity.

First of all, there are millions of unsolved problems in science. The more we learn the more we discover that we do not know, and the list of unsolved problems grows. The length of this list is not relevant to the question of whether a deity exists. Science has solved millions of problems. Our whole technological culture runs on scientific discoveries. Christianity has solved none. Christians have some gall to demand science have already solved all possible problems before they have any legitimacy.

Christians refuse to familiarise themselves with any science discovered since 1600. So they refuse to believe answers to their questions which involve things like radioactive decay, quantum mechanics, special relativity, general relativity and the Hubble expanding universe. They memorise straw man parodies of evolution, e.g. the jetliner in the junkyard, and refuse to believe truthful explanations even from the most impeccable sources. Christians are incredibly dishonest. I hold them in extreme contempt. They are such hypocrites because they claim to be more honest than average. In such debates they tell nothing but lies.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)