It is quite amusing watching religious fundamentalists debating with atheists. The fundamentalist makes a supernatural claim, stating it as if it were some ordinary historical fact like Caesar crossed the Rubicon in 49-01-10BC. The atheist asks for evidence to support the claim.

Thinking that everyone shares his believe in the perfection and absolute authority his scripture, he quotes some scripture. The atheist replies, No, I meant corroboration. e.g. archaeology, other ancient manuscripts, civil records, astronomy…. The fundamentalist replies But I am totally convinced. I am 140% sure in my heart. Why won’t you believe me?.

The poor fundamentalist confuses feeling convinced (which is simply a side effect of his early brainwashing) and having evidence for his claims. He is convinced by the feeling of conviction, which has nothing to do with the truth of this assertion, and certainly nothing to anyone else. Think how many times when you bought a lottery ticket you were sure this time you would win.

Two thirds of people on earth reject the bible as authorative. Nearly all the ones that do were brainwashed into thinking that as infants before they were old enough to notice what nonsense it was and how it is completely counter to fact.

Imagine you were a sasquatch enthusiast. You had never seen one yourself. You had no photos, hair, DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid), scat, bones, fossils, cave paintings… However, you had a book, written anonymously, claiming anonymous people in the deep past had seen them. The book did not explain how the author discovered this information. How successful would you be convincing others that sasquatches exist doing nothing but quoting from this book? Your odds are similar quoting from the bible.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)