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Health And Whales

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Health And Whales

Charronne : : 2000-05-21

Your site was recommended by the stopwhalekill list I belong to. Congratulations on your decision to live and fight on. Its a great website, your work is needed. My husband is Indian, chippewa, actually, suffered from prejudice and the kind of childhood our Canadian government has imposed on so many native kids over the years.

His revenge:to succeed at what he does and live to make a difference. He has left the negativity of his past where it belongs, in the past and now, as and artist, uses pencil and brush to try and make the world a better place. (

As someone who’s had a near escape from death, you are in a position to make strong statements about the value of life.., the rest of us, by our actions each day in polluting ourselves and the environment, are just dying slower! We need to appreciate life in all its forms. And not be so closed minded.

I have been at sea in rather precarious situations, the dolphins came to the boat and it was if they were telling us that things were going to be ok. Their presence was like a rainbow after a storm.. the stress and tension left our bodies, our minds relaxed and we carried on our way refreshed and upbeat.

[This sounds l to anyone who has not actually had close contact with dolphins, like the work of an overactive imagination. Dolphins do something that we humans don’t understand that changes you. Too bad they can’t get through to the Makah, who insist on treating the whales as giant pieces of mindless meat.]

Even my dog is able to communicate a huge amount of information with her head, tail and body language. sometimes I can almost hear her saying in exasperation people are so stupid! when she is telling me something that is so clear to her and I just don’t get it.

The humpback whales off Hawaii have huge vocal songs/stories. Researchers there are actively trying to find ways to translate them, as they are confident that there is valuable knowledge and information being shared.

We just have to learn to speak like and listen to the animals… they have much to tell us, if we would only listen and be willing to learn. So keep up your work, speak up, Your courage is needed.

[Thanks for your encouraging words.]

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