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Makah and Alcohol

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Makah and Alcohol

T. : anonymous : 2006-02-07

Just to remind you, yeah Makah’s do have a problem with alcohol, probably just like someone in your family, thanks to the WHITE MAN introducing it to us. Also for your information i would like to tell you thank you for being the kind u of person you are because we thrive on people like you and you help us keep going.

Tasha of the Makah tribe
Ps, it’s about that time we are preparing for another whale, so get ready to pro-test

If you Makah want to party, that’s fine with me. If you want to get drunk, that’s your business, but if you slaughter a creature vastly superior to yourself and claim you need to for religious reasons and you show up drunk for the sacrifice, then I call you a bullshitting hypocrite. You lie when you say you respect the whale if you can’t even stay sober while you kill her.

You are as nutty as an Aztec wanting to revive the art of ripping hearts out of children. What you are promoting is even more barbarous. Even if you show up sober, I spit on you as a murderer. I hope the worst imaginable fate befalls you if you persist in your pointless cruelty.

Makah and Alcohol

T. : anonymous : 2006-02-15 your stupid. you should just be a fucking whale then if there so important to you.

You are an ignorant cannibal. You are so convinced that you are right that you have taken no time at all, as I have, to investigate the sentience or intelligence of your victims. That whale you mindlessly slaughter in drunken revelry is far more valuable to our planet and far more intelligent than any human.

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