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In The Eye of The Beholder


I have been thinking about imprinting, how people go completely ga ga over some particular type, much the amusement of others. They are inexplicably totally bewitched, even when logic tells them to run away. I thought it might be fun to do a music video about this.

The Plot

The video would start with the traditional cliche, boy sees girl, then harp-like music, the world melts way. The girl morphs from ordinary to an angelic creature. Then you pan back and you see the geeky boy stared stupidly at the rather ordinary girl and others giggling at his bewitchment.

This same theme is repeated over and over throughout the video, but with progressively more unlikely and shocking pairs.

For example, boy-boy, old man-young teenager, two octogenarians sitting on a park bench holding hands, some kink things like some man dressed up as a horse, young man-older grossly fat woman with huge breasts, female hippopotamus-male hippopotamus, ending with Kermit the frog singing a love song to his rubber ducky.

Scientists are able to create parental and erotic artificial partners that are more appealing than the real thing to some bird species, by playing on their rubber ducky fetishes. Eventually humans may do this to themselves with sexbots/holodecks/custom computer generated pornography. You might want to add elements to the video to illustrate that too.

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