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Dreadful Music


There is so much absolutely dreadful music on the radio. I want to complain. This essay will of course do nothing to stem the tide. However, kindred souls might be happy to know they are not alone.

Dreadful Music

Dreadful Music
Artist/Genre Notes
Tribe Red The worst of the worst. See picture above. This music could be used for torturing information out of suspected terrorists. I have to turn it off the instant it starts it is so painful. Originally, indigenous people used a crazed, chaotic war cry to intimidate their enemies, much the way the Scots used bagpipes. Tribe Red bases their music around these chants.
Rap This is not even music. It is just nonsensical rhymes you might expect a 5 year old to come up with spoken to a monotonous beat.
Top 20 The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) airs the top 20 Canadian pop songs each week. These are composed by turning on a drum machine loud, picking one of the most simplistic patterns, then letting it run for 12 bars, then playing an utterly forgettable, repetitive ditty. There is nothing original. It is one tiny idea repeated over and over and over without any variation of any kind. The exception is Mother Mother, and the Quebec artists such as Les Hay Babies, who put out some quite decent music.
Bollywood There is only one Bollywood song. It has a monotonous bouncy beat. It might have been bearable if it has only been released once.
Country Singers affect American regional accents. Millionaires pretend their primary concerns are the same as those of the uneducated and poor. The whole thing is so fake and so stylised. It is all about phony emotions.

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