How Is Trump Crazy?

Donald Trump has an unusual personality. Unfortunately he does not suffer from something common like depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia which can be improved with drugs. Modern medicine can’t do anything for his problems.

In terms of Reinventing Your life: How to Break Free From Negative Life Patterns and Feel Good Again by Jeffrey E. Young, Trump suffers from the entitlement lifetrap. He imagines that he is the center of the universe. Only his desires have any importance. He has no compassion. He has no ability to understand how others think.

He suffers from extreme narcissism. This makes him unusually sensitive to criticism. He reacts to criticism with an intense desire for revenge. He demands constant adulation. He is obsessed with the size of crowds who come out to see him. He is unable to derive enjoyment from ordinary activities. All pleasurable events have to be spectacular. He treats his wife and children as fashion accessories. Even in public, he pushes them around like trained dogs.

The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President by Bandy X. Lee, MD.

Trump enjoys bullying and insulting people just for the sake of bullying, even his allies. This habit gradually alienates everyone who have any dealings with him. International relations have complex protocols to avoid bruising any egos. Trump enjoys insulting other foreign leaders. He behaves like he has mild Touret’s syndrome, except Touret’s sufferers are embarrassed at their outbursts. Part of this is his overweaning desire to win and even more so to humiliate his opponents. All life becomes a contest of wills.

Trump lies compulsively almost every time he opens his mouth. He will even lie about matters that are easy to check and things that are completely inconsequential. For example, he will claim he never said something, when there is video tape of him saying those exact words. Even when he is caught in the lie, he brazenly sticks by it, and orders his surrogates to do likewise. Trump is a quite convincing liar. It is possible he truly believes his own lies, (which is why he lies so well) and lives in an alternate reality. If you take Trump, Conway, Priebus and Spicer literally, they live in a dream world stubbornly defending their alternative facts. With all four of them telling the same lie, it is quite convincing for the base.

Trump sees the world very much as us vs them. Trump supporters who believe there is no such thing as business ethics, white, male, Christian and American are us. Everyone else are enemies who need to be ridiculed, suppressed, if not destroyed. He claims to have a paranoid fear of Muslims, but I suspect that is just a tool to throw meat to his bigoted base. He does not understand he is the president of all Americans, including those who did not vote for him.

In an interview, Trump once explained how much he relished seeking revenge. He explained that anyone who failed to support him, or who failed to do him a favour when asked, deserved revenge. According to Trump, revenge requires totally destroying someone’s life. He had to teach them a lesson so they would never again mess with Donald J. Trump. This is entitlement gone mad.

He claims that all media have conspired against him and are fabricating nothing but lies about him. By repeating this over and over, using Hitler’s big lie technique, he has convinced his base to believe him and to ignore any media fact checking. This could be true paranoia, or just a demagogic ploy.

Trump appointed various people who stated their goal was to destroy the department they were appointed to head. One of his appointees said he was looking forward to destroying Europe by destabilising the euro. That is an act of war against a major ally. That is insane! This is hardly keeping the oath of office. He is behaving like a Putin puppet out to destroy America. He has shown he can do an incredible amount of damage in a very short time. Orson Scott Card fans will recall Abner Doon and how he destroyed Italy. There is a lot of wishful thinking about Trump from both sides of the aisle. It is much easier to remove a mentally unstable demagogue early in his career.

Trump has a rage disorder. Most people grow out of these temper tantrums by age 3.

Even his own staff complain Trump the Impulsive behaves like a child, e.g. his tweeting addiction, acting without consulting or informing anyone else, acting without reflection. He often gets completely distracted by the trivial, such as a feud with a Venezuelan beauty queen and neglects his duties.

Trump refers to himself as Donald J. Trump. This is called illeism. People with an extremely high opinion of themselves do this such as the Queen, Julius Caesar, Charles de Gaulle, and Mikhail Gorbachev.

Trump said that he loves nuclear war. Compare him with Dr. Strangelove. To Trump, nearly everyone is a loser and deserves only contempt. Trump might not fit the precis definition of a mentally ill person, but when it comes to launching nukes, you want a higher bar.

The 25th amendment to the constitution deals with removing a defective president from office. It uses the wording Inability to discharge the Powers and Duties of the said Office.

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~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)