The Trump Resignation

Trump is over his head. He is used to a completely indulgent lifestyle. He is used to pussy-grabbing and no one stopping him. He is used to praise. If anyone fails to praise, he fires them. He is used to staying in bed as long as he wants.

Now everybody and his dog is pestering him to look after some problem or other. He has no experience. He has no idea what to do. The press and the comedians hold him up to merciless ridicule. His approval ratings keep dropping. He may have to go to jail for conspiring to rig the elections with the Russians.

He well could say to himself that he does not need all this grief. He should resign.

He could then ask the street-person physician (who faked Trump’s bill of health that let him get into the White House) to help him fake some disease he could use as an excuse for refusing to serve out his term.

Norman Bornstein (son), has been Trump’s doctor since 1980 but Jacob Bornstein (father) signed Trump’s health certificate. They have already lied twice for Trump. Surely they would once again lie to help him save face in resigning.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)