Trump vs Planet Earth

On 2017-06-01 Trump announced the withdrawal of the USA from the Paris Climate Change Accord. The USA is the only major country that does not belong to it. According to Environment Canada, climate change is second only to nuclear war as a planetary peril. Mad Trump has declared ecological war on the entire planet including his own country. Oddly, Trump did not deny climate change was real and dangerous, only that it was economically advantageous for the USA to renege and leave the heavy lifting to everyone else. Morally, this is analogous to refusing to pay your share of a group meal at a restaurant.

How should the rest of us respond?

I don’t think Trump has any idea what a hostile act that is to the rest of the planet. There are many countries that will disappear altogether under the waves. China, India and Pakistan will lose most of their arable and habitable lands. I see no reason they would take that lying down. I think the USA should expect terrorism coming from all quarters. I think the terrorist game, when played by large national states, will escalate to dirty bombs and nukes. Trump will damn well deserve what happens to the USA. Trump will not be able to track the culprits because every nation on earth will want the USA annihilated.

Floridians are already on the verge of uncontrollable flooding. They were idiots to vote for Trump. Their real estate will soon be worthless. They fully deserved that fate.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)