Email Scandals

Trump has made such a production of Hillary’ email scandals. This hyperbole worked because almost none of his followers knew what an email server was. If Hillary had been working for a corporation and used the wrong email server, her boss would say Oops. You have been using the wrong email server. I’ll call in the IT (Information Technology) guy to set it up properly. There would be no reprimands. There would be no criminal investigation. Executives are not responsible for how their email servers are hooked up any more than they are responsible for how their printers are configured. That is the province of the IT techs. There is no way Hillary is trained as a Unix system admin.

Normally a subpoena has to be very specific, relevant to a specific charge. This one was a fishing expedition on everything Hillary ever said in an email and everything anyone said to her. She was treated with disregard for law and the constitution the way America treats suspected terrorists.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)