Electronic: Apple iPhone 7 Plus Unlocked Phone 128 GB - US Version (Gold)

electronic product image recommend electronic⇒Apple iPhone 7 Plus Unlocked Phone 128 GB - US Version (Gold)
asin B01M13AGM6
dim 5.82 × 7.79 × 0.73 cm
2.29 × 3.07 × 0.29 in
This is Apple’s latest most overpriced cell phone. It is slightly larger than the iPhone 7. It uses batteries that last 5 hours to provide wireless ear buds. It also comes in 32 and 256 GB. Water resistant. Be careful. Amazon sells the same model under different numbers for many different prices. They also sell different colours for wildly different prices. Shop around. They also sell covers for iPhones for thousands of dollars. They should cost no more than $20. Make sure you don’t buy one mistaking it for an iPhone.
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