Electronic: Texas Instruments TI84 Plus CE Gold Graphing Calculator

electronic product image recommend electronic⇒Texas Instruments TI84 Plus CE Gold Graphing Calculator
asin B01DZRY4HE
dim 4.57 × 19.05 × 27.43 cm
1.80 × 7½ × 10.80 in
Scientific graphic calculator with 15-colour display. 320 × 240 pixels. Do not confuse with the TI84 Plus which has a black and white display and smaller memory. It works internally to 14 significant digits, and displays 10 digits. 8-line by 16-character display. 3 MB flash ROM memory for storing formulas. Uses math textbook notation. Shell comes in black, green, pink, white, blueberry, denim, gold, lightning, plum, radical red and silver. Oddly, different colours are different prices. It is not solar powered. It uses a non-standard rechargeable battery, included. USB port. Programmable in Basic and ASM. This as not a programmers’ calculator. It cannot do hex. Oddly, if you buy a ten pack, instead of giving you a discount, they charge you considerably extra. specs. manual.
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