Electronic: Casio Men’s WV-200A-4AVCF Wave Ceptor Red Watch

electronic product image recommend electronic⇒Casio Men’s WV-200A-4AVCF Wave Ceptor Red Watch

Atomic resync, red, 29 time zones, 200 meter depth. module 3140. The eye in the upper right indicates how strong the resync signal is. The colour is more muted than in the illustration. This is what I use myself. manual.

Make sure you download and back up a copy of the manual. You will not be able to operate the watch without it.

The four button are refered to as:
A - B
C - D

  • Automatically synchs with an atomic clock in North America or Europe, but not Japan. It tries up to six times a day during the night. The syched time is 1 second faster than the CBC radio time signal and two seconds slower than my atomic synced Windows deskop. I am quite surprised that all three are not bang on. The Wave Ceptor is extremely accurate with the synching, better than a second in three million years.
  • It automatically adjusts DST twice a year. You can turn DST off.
  • The day and month display are in very small type. There was plenty of room for bigger digits. This is by far the most negative feature of the watch. It is very hard to read the day of month display. This is by far the most annoying feature of the watch. I have to put on my glasses, put the watch under a strong light, then hold it at various angles to read the day of the month.
  • The electroluminescent backlight is very dim and does not provide good contrast with the display. Timex’s Indiglo is many times brighter and better contrast.
  • The year is also displayed in very tiny type spaced like 20 16, which is confusing even when you are trying to read the day, not the the year. I think the problem is Casio is recycling components from some other more cluttered design. The display was not specifically designed for this watch.
  • For the sync to work, you have to leave your watch in a window overnight. This means you can’t use it to tell the time when you wake up in the middle of the night. However, I have found in warm weather the watch syncs fine on my wrist as I sleep.
  • Taking the watch outside, pointing it at to the south-east toward Fort Collins and doing a manual resync, results in only two of the three bars, but still an error. My Oregon Scientific alarm clock synchs just fine. It manages to resync automatically only about once a week, but with the quartz movement, it still stays accurate. As the weather has warmed, reception has improved. Now it syncs about every second night, even if I leave it on my wrist.
  • The back plate looks cheaply made — just a piece of sheet metal.
  • The alm (daily alarm) and sig (hourly alarm signal) labels are in microscopic unreadable type. The only way I could find out what they said was by reading the *.pdf manual zoomed.
  • Leave the watch running with the day of the week showing. If you leave it showing your timezone, accidentally jostling the D button will change your timezone and manual sync will not work.
  • To set the date/time etc, hit A C C C. Use B-D to modify a field.
  • Make sure you have DST configured to AUTO and Auto-receive to ON.
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