Electronic: GPS Tracking Device, BayTracker BT-2000 RealTime Spy Tracking Device

electronic product image recommend electronic⇒GPS Tracking Device, BayTracker BT-2000 RealTime Spy Tracking Device
asin B00LWE49GO
This device is not for navigating but for spying. It quite small — easy to conceal. You must set up a GSM/SIM data cellphone account for it and pay the monthly texting fees. It sends its position in periodically over the cellphone network. You could use it to locate your vehicle if it is stolen. You could use it to track where your teenage children drove and how fast. You could put it in a briefcase to track its whereabouts. You could use it to track the whereabouts of your pets, equipment, Alzheimer’s patients… It is battery powered, but it can also be hooked up to a car battery. It has a hidden microphone for covert operations. Basically it is a remote-controlled phone. 60-day standby battery.
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