Electronic: D-Link Wireless AC750 Dual-Band Gigabit Cloud Router

electronic product image recommend electronic⇒D-Link Wireless AC750 Dual-Band Gigabit Cloud Router
asin B00JQX2J10
Sub Model DIR-818LW. Comes in white, black, red and turquoise. White is cheapest. Inexpensive Dual Band Router. Includes 4 gigabit wired ethernet ports. Your laptop may only be able to connect to the slow 2.4 GHz port not the 5 GHz port. The main disadvantage is the router has no activity indicator lights on the various ports. You don’t get feedback that a connection is working. Comes preconfigured with a random 10-character password. I bought one on 2015-02-28. This is what I am using myself. There are two indicator lights (one with a circle router upper light and one with a world map router lower light) that can glow green or yellow. Both should be glowing green. The little black WPS button is used to speed up configuration without having to retype the wireless password.

I would not recommend this router.

  • Three times it just stopped for no reason and needed a hard reset (paper clip) and OS reboot to get it going. You also have to reenter the complete router configuration.
  • The hard reset requires to you poke a paper clip in the bottom for 10 seconds, but no longer, to reset to factory defaults. It does not always work. You can poke it in to two different levels. It is not clear which one is correct. Do it until you see a change in the lights.
Make sure you have the latest firmware. It will not be up-to-date even fresh out the box. Before you update firmware, write down all the settings so you can restore the manually. Any strange Internet problems may be caused by obsolete firmware. Details
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