Electronic: Acer C720 Chromebook (11.6-Inch, 2GB)

electronic product image recommend electronic⇒Acer C720 Chromebook (11.6-Inch, 2GB)
asin B00FNPD1VW
This is first and foremost a very inexpensive computer. It is very stripped down, light weight, only 1¼ kg (2.76 lbs), primarily designed to be portable. It has a mere 2 MB of RAM. Battery life is 8.5 hours. It has a small 11.6” screen. It has a relatively sluggish 1.4 GHz Intel Celeron processor. It has no hard disk at all, but it has a 16 GB SSD, which is faster, quieter and uses less power than than a hard drive, but has a microscopic capacity. 32 GB model also available. It has built-in WiFi. You could use this machine to take notes, or browse the web where you have WiFi access. Don’t even think about trying to run things like Adobe Photoshop or IntelliJ. There is no room on it for storing videos or music. Specs.
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