Electronic: SPOT 3 Satellite GPS Messenger - Orange

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asin B00C8S8S4W
dim 6½ × 8.71 × 2.54 cm
2.56 × 3.43 × 1 in
This unit is not for navigating, but for aiding rescue workers to find if you become disabled. So long as you are moving, it takes GPS readings every 2.5 to 60 minutes reporting where you are and sends them digitally via satellite. People back home can monitor your progress on your planned route. Even if you are unconscious, others can still find you. You need a satellite phone subscription that will cost you an additional $150 a year. You can also get it to send in an SOS to an emergency response center. You can also get it to send I’m-OK or other canned messages. It is not a satellite voice phone. It is not a satellite texting device. Battery life 5 days. 114 g 4.0 oz. Specs. manual.
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