Electronic: Razer DeathAdder Ergonomic PC Gaming Mouse

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asin B00AAS888S
I was having trouble with the wheel on my old mouse. I asked around which mouse had the best wheel. This was one of the less expensive candidates that everyone held in high regard. It also comes in a left-handed version. 6400 DPI optical sensor. 1000 reports per second. 5 meters per second. 105 grams. Can adjust distance from the surface when it cuts out. Rubber side grips. Omron mechanical switches. Silliness: green LED lights. You calibrate it to your particular mouse pad. Left, right, clickable mouse wheel, plus two side buttons. Gold-plated USB connector. Works on PC and Mac. Specs Replaced by the DeathAdder chroma model though the old model is still available. This not a particularly durable mouse. Many people complained it died in various ways early in its life.
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