Electronic: Bushnell Back Track Original G2 Bk/Or

electronic product image recommend electronic⇒Bushnell Back Track Original G2 Bk/Or
asin B006U3ZJAM
dim 7.49 × 8.99 × 1.90 cm
2.95 × 3.54 × 0¾ in
This product is not in stock at any of the Amazon stores. This little unit contains a GPS receiver, but contains no maps and has only the most rudimentary screen. It runs off two AAA batteries. There are variants in dozens of shapes and colours, most more expensive. This model comes in black, orange and silver. What possible use is it? You put in on your keychain and when you park your car you press a button to tell the unit Remember this spot. Then later, when you want to find your car, you press another button and an arrow appears that keeps pointing at where your car is (or at the next intermediate point on the way to your car.) If you use it in the woods, it will guide you back to where you started your hike. You can use it any time you need to get back to some starting place. You could use at an exposition to find your way back to the entrance. You could use it to find your way back to your hotel in Japan. Its bigger brothers behave like hiking GPSes without the maps. Specs.
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