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1000 DPI. 1000 reports per second. Compact size, battery powered cordless mouse. This is what we use on the laptop. We have three of them. It uses infrared outside the visible spectrum. You can’t tell just by looking at the laser that it is operating, but there is a green indicator light goes on for a short while after you power it on. Comfortable rubbery side grips. 3 Buttons. 3 year warranty, but consider that you will still need to buy a new mouse while you wait for shipping to Logitech and back plus repair time. We have one white with a flower pattern, one red and one blue. It comes in scores of other colours and patterns. It has a fast easy to control vertical scroll. The wheel spins freely without clicks. It offers almost no resistance to spinning. Works with standard Windows HID drivers or you can download the Logitech SetPoint drivers. The biggest drawback is the feet are not slippery enough. It has finer optical tracking and scrolling precision than the M305 and M310 models. I used one myself for a while. I liked the fast vertical scrolling, but in some programs, even when I was not touching the mouse, it would generate a vertical scroll and select a different option. For that reason, I stopped using it. It claims a battery lasts 18 months. Comes in endless colours and patterns. Oddly different colours and patterns vary widely in price. The USB receiver is on the delicate side for a laptop where it can get bumped. It uses the new unifying receiver. It is safest to remove it when moving your laptop. Unfortunately, Logitech makes a dozen different receiver models, so if you break one, you won’t likely be able to substitute one from an old mouse. Happily, Logitech sells replacement unifying receivers if you can wait. For some reason this mouse retails in Canada for three times what it does in the USA. The Source (née Radio Shack) has a better selection of models than most. I bought one at Future Shop for $30 CAD. Staples also carries it.
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