Electronic: Garmin eTrex 20 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator

electronic product image recommend electronic⇒Garmin eTrex 20 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator
asin B00542NVDW
dim 5.33 × 10.16 × 3.30 cm
2.10 × 4 × 1.30 in
Colour. 25-hour battery life. 1.7 GB memory. Uses both GPS and GLONASS satellites. Has HotFix. Compass extra. No camera. Compatible with topographic, marine and road maps. However, it is not like an automotive unit showing you road routes and telling you where to turn. You cannot enter an address and have it direct you there. Sun and moon rise and set. This is Garmin’s best selling hiking model. Etrex Jitter is when a bit of vibration causes the GPS to turn itself off. Its caused by a momentary loss of power to the circuit board. There is a spring-loaded contact between the battery compartment and the board itself. It is not the sprung battery contacts, which are a good tight fit — this is a common misconception but the offending contact is deeper inside the casing and, crucially, inside the fully-waterproofed section, making it difficult to do an easy fix. As the GPS ages, the problem does seem to get a bit worse. Specs. manual.
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