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There is some confusion if this is called a HD215 or and HD215II. The HD215 may be an older version. Closed. 12 — 22000 Hz. Reviews suggest this is comfortable and durable. I concur, it is comfortable, however, the band that goes over your head is made of plastic. That suggests it will break easily. However, the foam will start to flake off after the first year. You can buy replacement ear pads. It is not USB. It comes with two sizes of jack (one screwed inside the other) so you can use it on your computer or your stereo. DJ class. It strongly cuts out room noise. You insert it in the lime green socket on your PC, and, in the control panel, configure your PC to use speakers, not headphones. It does not have a volume control on the cord. You use your stereo or PC volume controls. It has a long stretchy coiled cord. It does not get fouled around furniture the way an uncoiled cord does. This is what I have myself. I am quite pleased with it. About the only negative is it feels clammy after extended use. It was my second choice after the Beyerdynamic MMX 2 which has been discontinued. specs.
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