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1000 DPI. 1000 reports per second. Full size, battery powered cordless mouse. This is what I used myself. It is pretty good for a cheap mouse, but the scroll wheel would logically turn when I was not touching it. It uses infrared laser outside the visible spectrum. You can’t tell just by looking that it is operating. Comfortable rubbery side grips. 3 Buttons. It uses the nano unifying receiver. The battery lasts far longer than other mice I have tried. 3 year warranty, but consider that you will still need to buy a new mouse while you wait for shipping to Logitech and back plus repair time. It is part of the fantasy collection that comes in five patterns/colours plus endless patterns. Oddly different colours and patterns vary widely in price.

Unlike most mice, it is easy to pop off the cover to clean it inside.

It has a fast easy to control vertical scroll, though I would prefer an accelerating vertical scroll. My finger gets tired vertically scrolling. The movement is unusually smooth.

It works with standard Windows HID drivers or you can download the Logitech SetPoint drivers.

The biggest drawback is the feet are not slippery enough though they are not worse than average.

If I roll it directly over my wood-grain desktop, it works, but the mouse moves slowly. It seems to like a light-coloured surface. Even a piece of plain white paper with no pattern works fine. With a dark background the mouse becomes sluggish. The mouse thinks it is not moving as fast as it actually is. I have some hypotheses why this might be so:

  1. the mouse uses more power on a dark background since less light reflects back. If batteries are failing, it can’t generate enough light and the mouse will become sluggish.
  2. dark backgrounds reflect less light and looks more uniform to the mouse, so the mouse misses more changes in what it sees as it whips by.
  3. If may be that dust obscures the lens, making it miss movement.

New batteries will usually help a sluggish mouse, even if the control panel indicator says the old ones are fine.

The M310 must have a light-coloured mouse pad to work properly.

The other big problem with it is it is too easy to accidentally hit the right mouse button when dragging. I don’t know why this is.

If the mouse wheel stops working, just power off the computer (not the mouse) and power on again.

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