Electronic: 3M Precise Optical Mousing Surface

electronic product image recommend electronic⇒3M Precise Optical Mousing Surface
asin B0017D5Z40
dim 17.78 × 21.59 × 0.15 cm
7 × 8½ × 0.06 in
Granddaddy of the high tech mouse pads. Light coloured. Micro textured to improve the accuracy of mice. It gives them a micropattern to detect motion. Claims to extend the battery life 75%. Presumably mice are smart enough to turn down the power of the beam if they are having no problem tracking moving micro patterns. It is quite small and thin. They have a vinyl smell and pebbly surface. The mouse make a zipper-like noise as it moves over the pebbly surface. At first the sound was distracting, but then I got used to it. Within 24 hours it had worn off the feet off my mouse, though it still moved easily. It has a tacky backing to hold it in place. The cursor moves very quickly, which suggests the surface is indeed optimal for detecting motion. The cursor moves all the way across the screen when when I move the mouse less then half way across the tiny pad, so the pad does not need to be as big as usual. It has no built-in wrist rest. This is what I use myself.
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