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I own several chargers including this model. It handles only AA and AAA. It automatically handles Nicad, NiMH and lithium. It comes with four NiMH batteries. It charges very quickly. According to the Duracell website:

  • red: means charging.
  • blinking red: means defective.
  • green: means charged.
  • blinking green: is not supposed to happen.

However, mine does not seem to behave that way. I think they have changed the meaning of the lights.

  • red means defective: charged as it will go.
  • blinking red: means defective but charging.
  • green: means charged.
  • blinking green: means charging.
  • no light: battery inserted backwards or not connected.

In other words blinking means charging, green means good. It automatically stops charging when done. It has a fan to keep the batteries cool while charging. It is a bit on the noisy side.

charger specs.
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