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asin B000RVD89M
USB headset with earphones and noise-canceling microphone. This is what I bought myself. It was not my first choice, just the best I could find at local retailers.
  • Nice crisp sound. No background hum or hiss. They were so quiet at first I thought they were not working.
  • Noise canceling microphone that works extremely well. When I recorded, I heard dead silence whenever I was not speaking.
  • Long 10 foot cord.
  • Nice cushiony grip on the ears with an open gap at the top for air circulation.
  • Does not need a driver. It uses the built-it Microsoft driver. You just plug it in and go. It was even easier to get going than an analog headset.
  • Behind-the-head grip is just as idiotic as it looks. It squeezes your head uncomfortably and keeps slipping down. The band should be on top.
  • Not truly digital. They are analog headphones with a separate digital USB adapter. The signal is analog for 3 meters (10 feet) or more then digital for the last 10 cm (4 inches) This defeats the point of digital. I suppose a purist could insert a USB extension cord to get the analog part further away from the electrically noisy computer box. However, they are substantially lower noise than conventional headphones where the analog signal has to wend its way inside the computer near all manner of noise sources.
  • You can’t adjust the microphone directly in front of your mouth. It is always way off to the side.
  • There is no noise-cancellation in the earphones.
  • There is yet another volume control to fiddle with on the cord. I wish volume were controlled in one place only!
  • Not certified for use with Dragon Naturally Speaking.
  • The left and right sides are not labeled.
  • They are very delicate. After being dropped on a carpet just once, they fell apart and would never stay assembled again. Further, the left sound or both would cut out if I did not hold the cord just so. They are very flimsy construction. I would not recommend them for this reason.
Microphone: 100 Hz — 16 kHz, filters out low frequencies. Earphones: 20 Hz — 20 kHz. Specs.
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