DVD: Eco-Pirate: The Story of Paul Watson

dvd cover recommend DVD⇒Eco-Pirate: The Story of Paul Watson
byTrish Dolman [director]
I met Paul Watson, back in 1968, when he was shy and thin. He started his seal and whale protests a few years later. In 1985 he asked me to come on a voyage with him, but I was too timid. He is on my planetary heroes page. There is no more heroic figure in the 20th century. His life reads like a James Bond novel. This documentary covers his entire life from babyhood to the present day. His friends talk candidly about him. Paul explains why he has done some of the things he has done. He accomplished more by his 25th birthday than most people accomplish in a dozen lifetimes. When there are people illegally butchering whales, why should you tie your hands behind your back and insist everything you do conform to Harper’s anti-envirnomental laws and be totally non-violent? We are in the midst of a war for environmental survival. The Sea Shepherd flies a pirate flag and it goes after pirate whaling ships that masqueade as Japanese whaling research vessels. Whales are superior being to humans, especially phony Japanese research scientists. It does my heart good to see the slime bag ships rammed. Most people have no dedication to the whales. They see them only in how they are useful to humanity. That it why Paul’s detractors totally misunderstand him. I think I know how he feels. I did my own Gandhian fast to the point of death to protest the Makah whale sacrifice and he is a lot braver than I am.
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