DVD: Secrecy

dvd cover recommend DVD⇒Secrecy
byPeter Galison, Robb Moss
birth1955 age:62
A discussion of the pros and cons of government secrecy. Heavyweights heads of the NSA, CIA etc. speak. There is one particular evil blond woman, Melissa Boyle Mahle of the C.I.A. who argues for torture and every other imaginable evil in the name of protecting democracy and fair play. She is like encountering the reincarnation of Hitler. Be warned, most of the movie expounds the Nazi point of view without editorial comment. The right wingers imagine any rag tag band of Muslims that takes a pot shot will be victorious unless the USA uses torture and abrogation of all civil rights for citizens. They seem to think the USA is the feeblest nation an earth.
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