DVD: The Shock Doctrine

dvd cover recommend DVD⇒The Shock Doctrine
byMichael Winterbottom [Director], Mat Whitecross[Director]
birth1961-03-29 age:57

Documents with grisly footage certain themes in US foreign policy ranging from Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Afghanistan to Iraq including:

  • Imposing Milton Friedman’s shock economics on other countries
  • Use of torture techniques pioneered by Dr. Ian Cameron, terrorising the elderly, women and children too.
  • Impoverishing the masses and incrementing the incomes of the elite 100 fold.
  • Starting wars to distract from economic woes.
  • Supporting military dictators
After viewing this movie you will likely have a strong urge to do some unspeakable harm to Cameron, Reagan, Friedman, Pinochet, Rumsfeld, Thatcher and Bush after seeing what they did and hearing about it from their own mouths. There is a book of the same name by Naomi Klein. She appears several times in this DVD.
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