DVD: We Feed The World

dvd cover recommend DVD⇒We Feed The World
byErwin Wagenhofer [director]
German with English subtitles. They speak extremely clearly. I found my year of high school German flooding back. This is a very low budget film. It is a gentle look at the crazy things humans do to produce their food industrially, like discarding mountains of bread each day that is still completely edible, creating genetically modified foods without flavour, but look spectacular, covering the land as far as the eye can see in greenhouses in Spain, manufacturing chickens with crowding, assembly lines and automation on a scale that beggars the imagination, burning wheat and corn, letting fish age for months until it is soggy, putting African farmers out of business then exploiting them when they head north to seek work. It depicts European practices which are considerably better than North American. Corporations consider nothing but increasing profit. This leads them to do bizarre, cruel and foolish things. The film also points out that there is an abundance of food in North America and Europe. We don’t need to sacrifice food quality to get sufficient quantity and sufficiently low prices.
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