DVD: The World According to Monsanto

dvd cover recommend DVD⇒The World According to Monsanto
byMarie-Monique Robin
birth1960 age:57
This is a documentary that will make you want to go postal and tear the heads off everyone who has anything to do with Monsanto. The film maker is French with a very thick accent. It was done by the National Film Board of Canada, one of the few government agencies that Monsanto has not yet corrupted. It is a very long documentary. It it hard to watch. You see so much pure evil and no obvious way to combat it. Monsanto has absolutely no conscience. It is like watching a documentary about a serial killer who delights in the suffering of others. They hurt the poorest of the poor. They destroy the environment in every country. They lie and lie and lie. They are such incredibly evil bastards. view online.
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