DVD: The US vs John Lennon

dvd cover recommend DVD⇒The US vs John Lennon
byJohn Lennon
birth1940-10-09 1980-12-08 age:40
About the politics in America at the time of John Lennon’s visits and the American reaction to him. It is quite amazing how hateful Americans were to John Lennon. All he did was sing a song Give Peace A Chance. They burned his records. They accused him of being insane. Why were so many people so opposed to peace and non-violence? They all gave lip service to these values in the context of the teachings of Jesus. What a toxic society! Perhaps they were reacting to what they imagined he might say, or to their own self-loathing for their own moral cowardice. Contains some extreme bullshit from Geraldo Rivera. Also sold under B000LP5CX4,B000HKDEDI,B00005JP9L.
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