Confused Morality

The Republican religion says you must voluntarily starve to death if you don’t work. Yet people who own the factories and businesses less and less have need of labour. Computers, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and robots are chewing away at job after job. Another few decades of this and all we will have are jobs like waitress, salesman and counselor that are handled by people not because humans are more skilled at them, but because customers are more comfortable with humans. Our labour won’t be required any more. We won’t be able to sell it. Yet we will have a computer-supplied super-abundance that almost none of us can afford. The Republican plan is for nearly all of us to mindlessly starve to death like the ending of a protracted game of monopoly. I wrote a computer program back in the 70s that put 50 engineers with advanced degrees out of work. It is not just blue collar workers at risk.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)