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Paul Martin Prime Minister of Canada

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Paul Martin was Prime Minister of Canada from 2003-12-12 to 2006-02-06. He was in the cabinet as finance minister for many years prior to that.

I don’t like Paul Martin

I don’t know why people are celebrating the first coup in Canadian history of a sitting Prime Minister, (Jean Chrétien by Martin) especially when it was financed with  $13,000,000 CAD in corporate donations.

Martin’s financial policies have made the banks obscenely rich and have bankrupted Canada’s farmers. They pried the gap between rich and poor ever wider.

The cuts to medical care are as much Martin’s doing as BC Premier Gordon Campbell’s.

Martin presided over the Québec sponsorship scandals. These are pretty small potatoes as scandals go, but Martin should be above such petty corruption.

Finally, Martin weaseled out of Canadian environment and labour regulations by registering his fleets of ships under flags of convenience like Panama and Liberia…

Redeeming Virtues

Martin told the American to go fly a kite when they asked him to join in the rape of Iraq and Star Wars first strike nuclear. He also supported gay marriage.

Martin was replaced by the homophobic bigot Stephen Harper, who was the protégé of Canada’s most corrupt Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney. Harper is a George Bush ass kisser. Harper is such an evil man, he makes makes Martin look good.

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