A Nation of Child Killers

Americans are funny. They tell me their weapons are best on the planet, the most efficient, the most lethal. They even have unmanned Predator drones to kill by remote control without endangering the killer. They tell me they have spend $4 trillion dollars pounding the rat shit out of Afghanistan and Iraq. They show me videos of US soldiers picking off people on the street like zombies in a video game. They show me videos of smart bombs sliding in a windows and killing everyone in the building. But when I show pictures of some of the casualties, they threaten my life and claim Americans hardly killed anyone. Huh? What were they doing then with all those bombers, predator drones, tanks, rocket launchers etc. They spent nearly all money. Since they fight by remote control, most of those kills will be kids, simply because of the age distribution. Most of the people in Afghanistan are under 15. If you fire into a random building, you will kill mostly kids. This sort of random behaviour was broadcast live on CNN (Cable News Network) the day the USA invaded Baghdad. Americans watched but it did not dawn on them that those apartment buildings the Americans were blowing up were full of kids. I understood they were because I watched with ex-patriate Iraqis who knew these neighborhoods and knew who lived in the buildings. Americans treated it like a fireworks show. A pox on them all! That a mindless idiot nation!

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)