Lunar Unicorns

Consider the possibility of unicorns on the moon. You can’t prove there are none, but you are quite sure there are none, as sure as you are of anything. You could say you are a unicorn atheist not a unicorn agnostic. All you need is certainty beyond reasonable doubt. After all, unicorns are essentially horses, and horses need air, and there is no air on the moon.

Every day, you make decisions in your life about the truth of propositions without absolute proof either way. Why should you need it on the matter of an invisible man in the sky who watches you masturbate? There is no evidence for him, just earnest assertion from lunatics who swallow all kinds of impossible claims without question. The notion is too absurd to give serious consideration.

It is a filthy creationist trick to pretend that if you cannot disprove every last one of their crazy assertions, then everything they claim must be true. Ask them to prove that even one of their assertions is true or even offer evidence for it. The best they can ever do is argue remote plausibility.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)