Solving Traffic Congestion

Building more roads to deal with congestion won’t work because of the increasing cost of real estate. In many urban areas roads consume the bulk of the space as it is. The solutions I think will work include:

The big problem fixing gridlock is primarily a political problem, not a technical one. Much as people hate gridlock, they are unwilling to make the tiniest sacrifice to be rid of it. They want other people to sacrifice, but not them. They will object to the congestion tax, object to losing the right to drive a car 100 times heavier than necessary to prove their manliness and wealth, object to losing the right to drive manually any way they please (e.g. rapidly changing lanes, which triggers freeze) and object to losing the right to have a permanent office away from home to escape to each day. When the gridlock pain gets bad enough, perhaps some cities will implement some of these ideas. Then tourists will see the advantages and take the ideas back home.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)