Support For Same Sex Marriages

When I first heard Obama endorse same sex marriage on 2012-05-09, I thought, Obama did the right thing, but it will cost him. Now, after hearing the catch in the voice of so many Americans as they spoke about the dignity his endorsement bestowed on them, I think Obama is going to have some deep pockets opening to him and a ton of energetic volunteers, most of whom don’t have to arrange day care. People who formerly would have silent will have the courage and self confidence to speak up to resist the bigots who have been dominating the air waves of late.

In contrast, Obama’s opponent not only favours gay bullying and persecution he was bully himself in high school. He belongs to a church that excommunicates people just for being gay. All he needs is to be photographed eating kittens to turn off his last few gay supporters.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)