Fossil Fuel Escalating Lies

The fossil fuel industry has been upping the ante from dissembling to outright lies. They now claim bitumen does not sink in sea water. Everyone agrees it sinks in fresh water river and streams. According to Introduction to Hydrology, Department of Geography, Okanagan University College. 2001-06-11, Oceans vary from specific gravity 1.020 to 1.029. Alberta Tar Sands bitumen is specific gravity 1.060. In other words, bitumen is considerably heavier i.e. denser than sea water. In other words bitumen sinks. In other words, the fossil fuel industry is lying thorough its teeth. Because bitumen sinks, there is no way to clean up a spill.

If you have listened to the doubletalk and dissembling about state-of-the-art recovery and world class recovery coming from the pro-pipeline folk over the last 5 years and 4 months, you might believe the technology exists to clean up maybe 99% of oil and bitumen spills. However, the best they can recover is about 5% of a crude oil spill. There is nothing they can do about a bitumen spill except for the tiny bit they can recover it before it sinks.

If they cared about the environment, they would do something like inject the bitumen with air bubbles, and wrap it in plastic into ice-cube sized lumps so it could easily be swept up after a spill.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)