Local Customs

Let us say I went to live in mainland China. Let’s say I made a habit of grabbing and hugging people I was introduced to. I would walk down the streets snapping my fingers and whistling Bach. I would put my feet up my desk when I talked with people. I would point at interesting things with my foot. I would loudly blow my nose into a silk handkerchief then fold it up as if it were something precious and save it in my pocket for later consumption. My hosts would consider me an utter boor for not paying attention to the local customs. When Chinese people come to Canada, they eat shark’s fin soup, which many Canadians consider so repulsive and barbaric, they have murder fantasies. You would think the Chinese would be more sensitive to local customs. They seem to take delight in angering Canadians.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)