Myth or Fiction

One winter, shortly after P. dug Lake Michigan as a drinking hole for his blue ox, B., he decided to camp out in the Upper Peninsula. It was so cold in that there logging camp, that one evening, the temperature dropped to -56°C (-68°F). Each degree in the camp thermometer measured sixteen inches long and the flames in the lanterns froze solid. No one, not even P., could blow them out. The lumberjacks didn’t want the bunkhouse lit at night because they wouldn’t get any sleep. So they put the lanterns way outside of camp where they wouldn’t disturb anyone. But they forgot about the lanterns, so that when thaw came in the early spring, the lanterns flared up again and set all of northern Michigan on fire! They had to wake P. up so he could stamp out the fire with his boots.

Even if you are not familiar with this story from your childhood, you can tell it is a tall tale. Similarly, anyone coming from a non-Christian country, knows the stories about Jesus are similar, more subtle tall tales. The only people who take the Jesus stories seriously are those who were repeatedly told as children that the stories were true and were threatened with eternal torture if they doubted.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)