Boston Marathon Overreaction

On one hand, the flat-out effort to catch the Boston Marathon bombers did manage to catch the culprits in a remarkable five days. There were lockdowns, business closures, transit shutdowns, cellphone shutdowns, gunfights. There were 1000 lawmen. This was an extremely expensive manhunt and one that grabbed the 24/7 attention of the media. The problem I have with all this public fuss is if you imagine how the proceedings looked through the eyes of a young would-be terrorist with sympathies for America’s victims or a disaffected young American who has a chip on his shoulder against all humanity. He would see the manhunt as glorious martyrdom, a chance to grab the US eagle by the tail, terrorise it and shake it silly. What a heroic Bonny and Clyde way to die! In contrast, when the Russians deal with terrorists, they do their best to appear unperturbed, invulnerable and implacable. They don’t want to give the satisfaction to the terrorists of having had any measurable effect. My other concern is, if police have killed both suspects, we will never find out about the motive, funders, trainers and other plans for terrorism.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)