What is a Crime?

What do we consider a crime? Most people did not consider drinking liquor a crime during prohibition. Prohibition does not work unless nearly everyone is in favour. Most Americans today condone tearing children to pieces in front of their parents, so long as it is American soldiers or mercenaries doing it and if they do it from a distance with explosives or chemicals weapons. It does not matter that according to international law, these are capital crimes. The soldiers will not be prosecuted until the vast majority wants those crimes prosecuted. People don’t want to condemn the soldiers because they too are partly responsible. Some really damaging behaviour will never be criminal, such as polluting, spewing greenhouse gases, deliberately wasting energy, taking so much from others they perish, priests having their way with children, having litter-sized families, refusing to inoculate… The crimes are too popular with a substantial minority or even majority.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)