Poetic Justice for GWB

Poetic justice for George W. Bush might go something like this: He is kidnapped by an organisation dedicated to revenge for the children killed or tortured in the Iraq war. Bush is tied naked to a chair and children come in armed with very sharp potato peelers. Their job is to remove as much of his skin and scalp as they can. Then others come in carrying misters which the mist his skin. The misters contain such things as sulfuric acid, napalm and white phosphorus. They have fireplace lighters to set the napalm afire. Then another group come in and attach a cluster bomb to each leg. All retreat behind a plexiglass shield to watch the surgical removal of his legs. Then teens toss cinder blocks onto his body, taking care not to crush his skull. They bury him in a pyramid of blocks perhaps 2 metres (6.56 ft) tall. They leave him there in the dark, without food or water until he slowly dehydrates to death. His punishment is but a minute fraction of the suffering he inflicted on the children of Iraq.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)