Conscientious Resistor or Traitor

What would you call a citizen of Germany during WWII (World War II) who exposed the atrocities of the holocaust or who sabotaged the German war effort or who passed on intelligence to the Allies that harmed Hitler’s war effort? Perhaps a conscientious resistor? Hitler, of course, would have termed them traitors and would have executed them. However, what does history call them? Whatever it is, it should also apply to people to did similar things to counter the war efforts of those countries that illegally and aggressively (in a first strike) invaded and plundered both Afghanistan and Iraq. I would include Julian Assange and Bradley/Chelsea Manning. The passive Americans who agreed to the atrocity, the torture and the plunder don’t even deserve to call themselves of the same species as those two. They are indistinguishable from Nazis.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)