Man Made CO₂ Rise

The climate change deniers have for the most part stopped denying that CO₂ levels are higher than they have been in 40 times the span that human civilisation has been on earth. Humanity has never seen anything like this before. Ice ages are commonplace by comparison. Deniers now claim the levels are natural and normal.

How do you know that is BS? Scientists have calculated that humans are putting 100 times more CO₂ into the air than volcanoes are. We have business records of how much fossil fuel we are burning and we can calculate how much CO₂ that generates. Further, when fossil fuels burn, they consume oxygen. When volcanoes spew CO₂ they don’t. There is a corresponding measured decrease in oxygen that jibes with our computation of CO₂ effects of burning.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)