Reigning In The Second Amendment

The second amendment permits American men to bear muskets as part of service in a state militia. This does not guarantee right of possession outside such service.

The courts over the years have absurdly stretched the meaning. You can take assault rifles into movie theatres. You can take concealed handguns into a bar (you could not do that is the wild west). You can take assault rifles to a demonstration or into a school.

You can sell arms to felons, the mentally ill, or people with a history of mass violence.

It has effectively become a bill of rights for terrorists and traitors.

There are two bits of sanity:

I think a proprietor should be able to designate his premise as a weapons free zone. It is his property. He should have the right to lawfully exclude anyone he pleases. e.g.

In addition, any public park or demonstration should automatically be a weapons free zone.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)