Changing Sexual Preference

Think about the thing or person that turns your crank more than anything else. It might be illegal, something you have never done, something non-sexual (if you are older or still a child). Now imagine that just by deciding, that thing would henceforth leave you utterly cold, and something completely different, that you do not like would become your #1 turn on. You probably cannot even change your favourite hair colour, or whether you like ’em on the fat, athletic or thin side or your favourite colour of jelly bean. So how is anybody supposed to change something drastic like their preferred gender of sexual partner? Straight people cannot make themselves gay and gays cannot make themselves straight.

To count as changing your preference, it is not enough that you white knuckle your behaviour to avoid your favourite thing, you have to lose all interest in it.

If you are a Christian, imagine your favourite thing, and imagine making yourself have no attraction to it. You can’t do it, even in imagination. So why do you think gays can or should do it.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)