Cited Book: Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President

book cover recommend book⇒Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President
by J. H. Hatfield, Mark Crispin Miller 978-1-887128-84-1 paperback
birth 1958-01-07 2001-07-18 age:43 978-0-312-24268-8 hardcover
publisher Soft Skull
published 2002-12-12
Alleges that, in 1972, George W. Bush was arrested for possession of cocaine and, with the help of his father, got the charges erased in exchange for performing community service. Most of the information in the book has been covered in newspapers and magazines; however, it does put under one cover, the extraordinary advantages of having rich friends who are so eager to share their wealth, their expertise and their silence with seemingly no desire for return. The book paints a surprisingly sympathetic picture of Bush. The author was hounded to suicide by the Bush family largely over one line in the book, where Junior on more than one occasion stripped off his uniform and danced nude on top of the bar while lip-synching to rowdy George Jones jukebox tunes such as White Lightning It talks about the AWOL mystery, how he wriggled out of the mandatory annual medical exams and how he simply stopped flying even after the taxpayers had forked over a million dollars for his flight training. There are 50 pages of references.
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